Technical support

Your documents to download – instructions/manual

In the package you received a printed manual in English, including documentation, if you need to send the documentation again, write to the address – .

Technical Support

Although it does not happen very often, in case any technical complications occur, you can contact us. You can find all potential problems occurring listed below. It is recommended you do the first service check after reaching 500 km. The overall bicycle condition is checked, including tightening the mudguard and stand screws, attaching the lights. In case you are not sure or if there are any other complications, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help you with the service.

Odd noises

Odd noises can be caused by:

  • For the motobicycle to function right, it is necessary that the motor chain fits to the gear wheel, which is attached to the frame by two screws placed on the tensioner. The differential and tension setting procedure: If the tensioner needs to approach the Wheel, we need to loosen the upper screw by one or two turns and tighten the lower screw. The tensioner must not be loosened completely. This described procedure helps to centre the chain in order for it to fit to the gear Wheel. The maximum possible displacement is by 1 – 2 mm. We recommend you use 2 “O“ wrenches or french keys, which are available, for instance, in TESCO. Those can create a strong enough momentum. Not tightening the screws enough can lead to the damage of back Wheel, so you should be careful.
  • It is necessary to tighten the exhaust in case it is loosened.
  • If you are not careful with supporting the bicycle, mudguard can be damaged which will result in its seizing the wheel. Attention! Check if the Wheel does not buckle, in which case it needs centring. The sticks holding the mudguard can be bent over by hand or pliers.


Usually, the engine does not show any problems. In case of long distance journeys or after thousands of kilometres, it is possible that the clutch lining needs to be changed. Keep the oil in the tank to the prescribed volume otherwise you risk the motor to wear out prematurely or seizure of piston in the cylinder.

  • The engine does not start: It is recommended to check the motor candle after 500km, for the engine is running and it is needed to scrape the remains of carbonized particles off the motor candle. Scrape off the black residue and try starting the engine. The second possibility might be an obstruction in the carburettor sucking. Check the „carburettor“ item. In the manual, check the procedure on how to start a cold engine.
  • Clutch: Although the clutch is loosened (in gear, the clutch lever is not pressed), the engine squeaks).
    1. Make sure the clutch cable is not loosened. In case it is, try tightening it and check if the problem is solved.
    2. In case the clutch cable is tightened and despite the high operating speed the engine still won´t work, it is necessary to change the clutch lining. Message us and we will send you the clutch lamellas together with a detailed description of how to change it.
    3. Bearings: Message us and we will send you the bearings together with a detailed description of how to change it.
  • Carburettor: There is a possibility of an obstruction in the carburettor, causing it to leak. We will provide you with the fuel filters, which are attached to the tube, for free. In this case, the carburettor needs to be cleaned. First, you need to put down the carburettor. The connection to the engine needs to be loosened and screw off the head attached to the gas cable. By doing so, you will take out the needle and get the carburettor for further cleaning. Screw off the lowest screw of the carburettor vessel and release the dirt and remaining fuel. Then, loosen the carburettor vessel using the two side screws. In the vessel, there is a float with a needle attached to it. The needle can be taken out by ejecting the stick on which it’s moving. Use a clean cloth and a little bit of undiluted gasoline to clean the needle and the needle space. Then you construct the system back together. Be careful while planting the carburettor gasket. If you are not sure, mail us the carburettor and we will clean it for you or you can watch a video about the carburettor cleaning procedure – click here to open.


  • Decelerating: The motobicycle deceleration may be caused by the cold engine. It is necessary to heat up the engine according to the procedure given in the manual. Another cause might be an incorrect setting of the air supply. In this case, close the air lever.
  • Clogging caused by dirt and fuel precipitates: fuel tubes, tube filter and tank filter on the tank valve need to be cleaned.
  • Riding up a steeper hill: the fuel does not flow properly, you need to pedal or use the boost-bottle.
  • High oil volume: can be noticed by excessive smoke emission. Dilute the mixture in the tank with pure gasoline and stir it. The effect will come after some time from starting the engine, after all the undiluted mixture in the carburettor and tubes are used up.